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3 Keys to keep your Boxing Gloves perfect in Summer

Boxing gloves are the most important item in any fighter's backpack, without them we would not be able to practice the sports that bring us so much joy. When we buy a leather or synthetic boxing glove, we are always clear about the use we are going to give it, but a relevant aspect, which is the care and maintenance of boxing gloves , is not always in mind.

Keeping the gloves in perfect condition after using them over and over again is not easy, since each material has its own way of caring for it and its own resistance, so sometimes it is difficult for us to use the appropriate technique for our material, especially with the heat and humidity of summer. Therefore, we have brought 3 tips that are key so that you can keep your boxing gloves in excellent condition, guaranteeing their maximum durability. Let's go there!

1. Define a suitable place to store your Boxing gloves.

The place where you are going to leave the gloves after each training is extremely important, you should never leave the gloves, bandages or any other training material inside the backpack, this, in addition to annoying odors, creates humidity and bacteria, gradually weakening both the outer skin as well as the seams and inner fabric so your gloves will last less. Additionally, sweat penetrates the internal padding, moistening it and weakening it, so when you hit you will have less and less protection for your knuckles.

We recommend that after each workout you open your Velcro or strings, dry your gloves with a towel and let them rest in a dry place, away from sunlight.

2. Moisturize Boxing Gloves.

In the case of leather gloves, it is always good to hydrate them with a product that serves these purposes after cleaning. In the market you will find creams and oils intended to moisturize leather products , once they are clean and completely dry.

This tip is extremely relevant because it helps the manufacturing material not lose its natural shine and not wear out with use. If your gloves are synthetic, they can also be moisturized with a synthetic leather maintenance product.

This step does not need to be done very often since the material of the gloves is not the same as that of a jacket, it is designed to resist knocks and daily sweat, so it will be enough to perform this step every couple of months and without going overboard with the amount of product so as not to hydrate the material excessively.

3. Use products that protect your Boxing gloves.

As we have said before, the biggest enemy of your Boxing gloves is humidity. That is why it is highly recommended to use products that help us combat it. This prevents the proliferation of bacteria and the weakening of the seams.

Using a product that respects the material and helps us prevent the inconveniences described above will provide us with hygiene and a long life for our Boxing gloves. On our page you will find the perfect product for this purpose. Thousands of users guarantee its properties for the maintenance of your sports equipment. Redglove maintenance deodorant.

* Extra advice for the summer holidays.

In addition to following all our previous tips throughout the year, it is extremely important that you do them thoroughly before the summer vacation break if you do not want your gloves to suffer during them.

Don't forget: clean your gloves with a specific product such as our Redglove Clean deodorant, dry your gloves, store them in a place without humidity, away from the sun and with the strings or velcro open. Use a leather or leather moisturizing cream, let the material hydrate and remove the excess.

When you return from your vacation you will have your Boxing gloves like new!

PS: these tips can be used for all your protections.


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