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Collection: Boxing Bags - Supports- Ring- Floor - Gym Facilities - Customization

Since 2015, when we installed our first boxing gym, we have manufactured and sold boxing rings throughout the Spanish territory. Thanks to our associates and our own workshop in Madrid, we have become the number one company in sales and manufacturing. boxing ring, structures for boxing bags and flooring for sports centers. We also personalize your sports equipment, so that your brand image is perfect. Personalized Boxing bags, Boxing gloves with the logo of your gym, labels, clothing and all the personalized Boxing material for your own quality identity.

We differentiate ourselves by manufacturing entirely in Spain with the speed that it gives us, in addition to the quality of the materials that we use for the assembly in your sports center. We adapt to the client's space giving the option of being able to customize the ring tarpaulins, the corners, rope covers, rope holders and all the clothing for the Boxing ring, and if you wish we will take care of the design. You can also choose the type of structure to hang your Boxing bags according to your needs, as well as the colors and logos you want on the same structure.
We customize your sports equipment in record time and with the best quality-price on the market: personalized boxing gloves, colored or patterned bandages with your logo and the design you want, fully personalized boxing bags of the quality you need, mouth guards , clothing and everything you need to provide the best brand image for your sports center.

Finally, we have the experience of the Redglove brand in the brand image for your sports center, if you are thinking of opening your gym and having the image of our company nationally recognized for the quality of its products and in all the sporting events that we have made, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in a personalized way and help you with your project.