Collection: Helmets - Mouthguards

Protecting your teeth and jaw is a matter of vital importance when you do Boxing or any contact sport. That's why at Redglove we offer you our own brand of unbeatable quality-price for safe protection and we work with Opro, the best brand of mouthpieces on the market, choose the level of protection and train with peace of mind.

With a good boxing mouth guard you can avoid injuries , so it is vitally important to use it at all times.

Regarding the head and face, it is vitally important to minimize risks with quality protection, whether it is a helmet for Boxing, mma, kick boxing or Muay Thai, the helmet will always avoid cuts on your face, it will protect you from possible broken nose if your sparring level is already high. In addition to having quality material, it is important that you let yourself be advised, if you are a beginner, so that you choose the boxing helmet that best suits your needs, in terms of size, it is important that the helmet fits you perfectly for avoid possible injuries so if you have doubts it is best to ask us.