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Nike Boxing

Limited Edition Nike Hyperko Boxing Boots

Limited Edition Nike Hyperko Boxing Boots

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After the success of the Nike Hyperko, Nike Boxing launches this limited retro edition exclusively for, legendary boxing boots that the best boxers have worn in the ring.

The Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes are not just boots, they are an engineering masterpiece for those seeking maximum performance in the ring. Meticulously designed by Nike, these boots combine cutting-edge technology with stunning style.

Upper part:

The faux leather and polyester material ensures strength and durability. Flywire technology uses high-strength threads, similar to the cables in a suspension bridge, providing precise support where it's needed most during boxing. Additionally, a forefoot strap handles the torque applied during powerful hits. The majority of the upper is constructed with a ventilated mesh that manages moisture, keeping your feet cool and comfortable in the heat of combat.


Constructed from lightweight yet strong materials, the midsole is designed to maximize speed and stability in the ring. Every step feels light and agile, providing the confidence to move quickly and precisely.


The foundation of a solid shot starts with solid footwear. The Nike HyperKO improves feel and traction with re-engineered rubber outsoles. Thinner and stickier, these soles provide exceptional grip to the ground, allowing you to maintain full control over your movements.

In short, the Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes are not only a sports accessory, but an essential tool for any serious boxer. They offer a perfect balance between support, lightness and ventilation, providing optimal performance in the ring. Discover the power of Nike technology and take your game to the next level with the HyperKO Boxing Shoes!

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