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Redglove boxing

Tricolore Gloves - NTV Series

Tricolore Gloves - NTV Series

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Explosion of Style and Power with the NTV Series Tricolore Gloves!

Get ready for a boxing experience like no other with the NTV Series Tricolore Gloves. This vibrant trio of colors – red, white and black – is not only a visual feast, but also represents a higher level of performance and style in the world of boxing.

Features that Awaken Passion:

  1. Triad of Dynamic Colors: The Tricolore Gloves incorporate a bold design that fuses red, white and black in a symphony of dynamic colors. This combination will not only stand out in the ring, but will also reflect your unwavering passion and determination.

  2. Advanced Technological Composition: Made with an advanced blend of materials, these gloves combine durable synthetic leather with a technical structure that offers exceptional grip. The technology used not only guarantees durability, but also provides strategic ventilation to keep your hands cool during each round.

  3. Multifunctional Design: The color combination is not just aesthetic; It is a multifunctional design strategy. Black with its elegance, white highlights key details and red injects a dose of energy and aggressiveness. Together, they form a visual synergy that enhances your presence in the ring.

  4. High-Performance Ergonomic Padding: Tricolore Gloves feature high-performance ergonomic padding, designed to anatomically fit your hand. This feature not only protects your joints, but also improves tactile responsiveness, allowing you to feel each hit with precision.

  5. Custom Fit: Equipped with a Velcro closure system, these gloves offer a custom fit that adapts perfectly to your hands. The precision in the fit not only guarantees comfort, but also maximizes the transmission of energy in each movement.

Discover the perfect balance between style and performance with the NTV Series Tricolore Gloves. This trio of colors not only reflects your personality in the ring, but also propels you to new heights of dominance in every matchup. Make a bold statement with the Tricolore Gloves and unleash your potential!

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