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MMA Revolution Pro Gloves - Red

MMA Revolution Pro Gloves - Red

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Welcome to the revolution of MMA gloves with the "Revolution Pro". Designed with a meticulous focus to give you maximum performance and comfort in every workout, these gloves are the ultimate choice for modern octagon warriors. From free-moving grappling to striking impact, the Revolution Pro is the essential tool for your mixed martial arts journey.

Featured Features:

  1. Triple thickness for Comprehensive Protection: The triple thickness foam used in the "Revolution Pro" ensures comprehensive protection for your knuckles, offering a perfect balance between high, medium and low density. Strike with confidence knowing your hands are fully protected.

  2. Curved Shape for a Perfect Fit: The curved shape adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the hand, providing an optimal fit that enhances the effectiveness of your blows. Feel the precise connection between your hands and the gloves to maximize the power of your attacks.

  3. Extra Long Strap with Double Velcro for Perfect Support: The extra long strap with double Velcro guarantees perfect support of the wrist, giving you the necessary stability during each movement. Focus your energy on combat, without worrying about the safety of your wrists.

  4. Extra High Density Foam Protection: The impact zone is equipped with extra high density foam protection, providing maximum safety during your sparring sessions. With the "Revolution Pro", you can face every challenge with confidence and without compromising your safety.

  5. Premium NT Leather: Made from premium NT leather, these gloves not only resist wear and tear, but also offer an exceptional tactile feel. The quality of the leather ensures durability and comfort over time.

  6. Hand-Made Mold: Each pair of "Revolution Pro" is unique, with a hand-made mold that guarantees precision and attention to detail. The artisanal manufacturing provides a touch of quality that elevates these gloves to the elite category.

  7. Interior with Mesh/Foam Fabric: The Mesh/Foam interior fabric prevents annoying humidity during training, keeping your hands cool and comfortable even in the most intense moments.

  8. DUAL LOCK Double Velcro Label: The DUAL LOCK double velcro label provides a perfect grip, ensuring that the gloves stay in place, no matter the intensity of the fight.

Discover the revolution in MMA gloves with the "Revolution Pro". More than training equipment, they are the essence of a modern warrior's preparation. Get ready to raise your level in the octagon with the revolution in your hands!

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