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Yellow Boxing Handwraps

Yellow Boxing Handwraps

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RG Semi Elastic Bandages with New Cotton Fabric:

Discover innovation in care and protection for your hands with our RG Semi Elastic Bandages. Made from a new high-quality cotton fabric, these bandages are not only durable, but also offer excellent compression for safe and effective bandaging.

Brighten up your style with our vibrant yellow headbands! Exceptional strength and compression are combined with a touch of energy that will motivate you to throw your best shots.

Featured Features:

  1. Advanced Compressive Fabric: The new cotton fabric provides exceptional compression, ensuring a firm and secure bandage. This is essential to keep your hands protected during intense physical activities.

  2. Reinforced with Durable Velcros: We have improved the durability of our bandages by incorporating reinforcements in the seams of the Velcros. This ensures a firm and long-lasting hold, even in demanding conditions.

  3. Distinctive Flat Label: Thinking about aesthetics and your comfort, we have added a flat label that not only gives a distinctive touch to your hands, but also avoids any unnecessary discomfort during use.


  • Optimal protection for your hands during sports activities and training.
  • Greater durability thanks to the reinforced seams on the Velcros.
  • Style and comfort with the distinctive flat label.

Discover excellence in hand bandages with our RG Semi Elastic Bandages. Ensure the protection your hands deserve!

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